Guy Gosselin

Executive Health Director

Guy has been with the Ginew Wellness Center since June 1998, except for a few years with a Regional Health Authority & Manitoba Health.

Sherri Thomas

Assistant Health Director

Graduated in 2009 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Sherri has been in the health field for over 16 years and employed with the Ginew Wellness Center for over 15 years.  She has extensive experience in Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Critical Incident and Emergency Response, and Program Management. Sherri received the Certified First Nations Health Manager designation in April 2017. 

Administration Support

Donna Hayden

Administrative Assistant

Donna Hayden has been employed at the Ginew Wellness Center for 10 years. Her current position at the Ginew Wellness Center is Administrative Assistant. Her roles are wide spread throughout the facility. Donna's main objective is to assist the Health Director and Assistant Health Director in day to day operations. She also works closely with the Accreditation process for our facility. Outside of work, Donna is a mother of two wonderful children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and trying new things.


Lori Henry

Finance Clerk

Lori Henry has been with the Ginew Wellness Center since 2006. Her role as Finance Manager is invaluable; Lori brings years of experience that she applies daily while working on the finances of the Center. Outside of work she is married and has a daughter. She enjoys spending time relaxing being at home.

Sanitisation & Maintenance

Velma Alexander

Velma has worked at the Wellness Center since 2004. Her area's of responsibility include custodial duties as well as security. Outside of work, she can be found spending time with her family, including 2 children, and grandchildren. 


Hope Gabriel

For almost a year, Hope has been working at the Center. As part of the Janitorial staff; she has been tasked with care of the offices and medical center.


Child Development & Family Services


Maternal Child Health & STAR Program

Cindy Buhler


Cindy Buhler, RN BN has been a Nurse Supervisor for the Strengthening Families-Maternal Child Health (SF-MCH) & the Success Through Advocacy & Role Modeling (STAR) Programs since November, 2011.  She co-hosts the Parenting Group, Prenatal classes, Baby food Making,  and Cooking/Nutrition classes. On occasion, you will find her assisting the other Nurses in the GWC clinic. The services that she provides are family support, information on parenting, pre/post natal care, healthy lifestyles, child growth and development and referral and access to other services. Cindy is honoured to be working in Roseau River First Nation.


Home Visitor

Angelina graduated High School in 2014 with a Childhood Development Certificate and two years later graduated from the Health Care Aide program at Robertson College.  She worked over a year in a Personal Care Home in Winnipeg until moving to St. Jean-Baptiste and taking a year off for maternity leave.  She enjoys spending time with her daughter and being outdoors as much as possible when the weather is nice.  Angelina is new to the Maternal Child Health Team and looks forward to adventures and challenges her new career will bring.

Angelina Zacharias

Faye Nelson

Home Visitor

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Chantal Seenie


Chantal Seenie is the STAR Mentor at the Ginew Wellness Center. She has multiple certificates on knowledge of FASD from University of British Columbia, CTRI and Community Works. When working with Clients, Chantal tries her best to help them with making their own decisions in what they want to be doing or working on, rather than dictating to them what they need or should be doing. She helps to support her clients by making schedules, goal planning, helping them discover hobbies and teaching them new craft ideas that they can in turn do with their children at home.

Aboriginal Head Start

Alvina Gegwetch


Alvina Gegwetch has been part of the Aboriginal Head Start team since August 2014 as the program Supervisor. She enjoys working with our Aboriginal Head Start children and their families. She brings many years experience working in the educational field, including working with additional support needs children.

Georgina Henry

Bus Driver & Cook

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Vanessa Henry


Vanessa Henry is working in the Aboriginal Head Start Program. She is a certified Early Childhood Educator (ECE II) with many years experience.

Tricia Higheagle


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Jordan's Principle

Anne Dyck


Anne Dyck is the Case Manager for the Jordan's Principle prgoram.  She has worked at Ginew Wellness Center since July 2017 and has been a nurse for 12 years.  Previously, Anne worked in a variety of settings (ER, Personal Care Home, Rural clinic in Sudan, Medical Units, etc). 

Genny Henry

Rehabilitation Assistant

Genny Henry has been employed by the Ginew Wellness Centre since 2006. She has 2 children and a cat named Kit. Genny enjoys working for the children and youth in our community and hope to do so for a very long time.

Greg Seenie

Rehabilitation Assistant

Greg Seenie is from Roseau River First Nation. He is currently working in the Jordan’s Principle Program since April of 2017 in partnership with Ginew Wellness Center. Greg enjoys working with our children and youth of Roseau River, and also working with our Jordan’s Principle team. He also likes to play hockey ,golfing and other outdoor activities as well as spending time with his five sons and two grandsons.

ginew pic.jpg

Respite Services Co-ordinator

Tammy Blask is working with the Jordan's Principle Child First Initiative.  Tammy is an Early Childhood Educator III and has worked with children for the past 10 years.  Before coming to Ginew, she was an EA at Roseau Valley School and before that she worked in daycare at 17 Wing in Winnipeg.  Tammy has three sons and is looking forward to working with the community.

Tammy Blask

Carly Becker

Youth Worker

Carly Becker is our youth worker through the Jordan’s Principle Child First Initiative Program.  She is currently running a series of programs for youth in the community.  Carly recently graduated from the Child and Youth Care Practitioners diploma through Red River College. She holds youth program after school, facilitates respite groups, and does one-on-one work with the youth and families in the community.  Carly has a passion for art, culture, and travelling and tries to incorporate these in her day-to-day life. 

Assistant Case Manager/ Wellness 

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Jessie Bilbey

Wellness & Holistic Health Services

Mental Health, Wellness & Addictions Services

Bonnie Gamble

Mental Health Professional

Bonnie has a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling. Bonnie has worked at GWC for seven years all together. She works with all age groups male and female. If there are questions or concerns feel free to come in and speak to Bonnie or give her a call.

_MG_4223 2.jpg


Jennifer is a graduate of the Applied Counselling Program at the University of Manitoba. She holds a true commitment to supporting and developing the wellness of our community. Jennifer is passionate about animals and nature based learning, and has been trained in Equine Facilitated Wellness. Her desire for helping people and animals is unmistakable in the efforts she puts into each day.

Jennifer Friesen


Mental Health Professional

Brooke Steinke graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelors of Social Work. She has a previous degree in Sociology and Developmental Studies. Brooke is a new member of the Mental Health Team, providing confidential service and support to individuals and families of all ages. Brooke has a passion for assisting others through life’s journey and is excited to be providing mental health and wellness support to the people of Roseau River First Nation.

Brooke Steinke

_MG_4243 2.jpg

Debra Henry

Wellness Counsellor

Debra L. Henry is a versatile member of the Roseau River First Nation community south of Winnipeg, with sister, mother, auntie, cousin and Grandmother status. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Debra has worked with Repatriation of First Nation Adoptees and long term Foster Care individuals, as well as Child Welfare, Post Secondary, Elementary School Families, and also Geriatric Care Home individuals.

Traditional Healing


Charlie Nelson

Traditional Healing Coordinator

Mizhakwanigiizhik Bizhiw doodaim
Charlie Nelson elder, language speaker and a member of lynx Clan in Roseau River First Nation attended Assiniboia Residential School. He is follower of the Sundance and 6th degree in the Midewiwin. In this capacity, he continues to works to provide spiritual care, naming ceremonies, memorials, funerals and marriages. He has served as band councillor with portfolio in child and family services. 

Primary Care & Community Health Services

Primary Care Clinic

Joanne Littlejohn

Primary Care Nurse (Nursing Supervisor)

Jo-Anne Littlejohn graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1991 and went on to further her studies and graduated as a Baccalaureate Nurse in 2008. She has been an employee with Ginew Wellness Center since 2005, beginning as a Home Care Nurse, then Community Health Nurse and eventually promoted to Nurse In Charge.  Jo-Anne is a member of the Local Child Welfare Committee for Dakota Ojibway Child and Family Services, she has 2 adult daughters and one adult son, 5 grandsons and 11 granddaughters, with one great grandchild on the way this summer.  Jo-Anne enjoys her chosen field and takes great pleasure in working with and for her community along with all the Ginew Wellness Staff.

Community Health & Immunizations

Cheri Downey

Community Health Nurse

Cheri attended Acadia University and graduated with a Bachelors degree in science  and continued her education  at  St. Claire’s school of nursing  obtaining her Registered Nursing.   Cheri specialized in Cardiac intensive care.  Her career in nursing spans over 25 years were she had been in many different roles from bedside nursing to management.  Cheri has been at Ginew since April of 2015 where she presently works as the CHN.


Physical Fitness


Tara Dela Cruz

Fitness Worker

Tara Dela Cruz is the fitness worker at the Ginew Wellness Center. She has educational training in Exercise Theory from the Manitoba Fitness council, Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, CPR and various other trainings. She helps people get started in a fitness program who are new to exercise and help them become independent.  In the past year, I’ve worked closely with youth from the community through the Right to Play program which is a youth led program promoting life skills in aboriginal youth.

Medical Clinic Services

Madison Atkinson

Medical Clerk

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Debbie Alexander

Community Health Representative

Debbie Alexander is the Community Health Representative.  She works with all health care team to improve and maintain the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional well being of individuals, families and the community. Debbie also oversees the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative program.  The main objective of ADI is to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes through a range of health promotion, prevention, screening and treatment services, delivered by trained service providers and community diabetes prevention workers.

Kim Knott


Kim Knott lives in Winkler, Manitoba for 32 years and has worked as a registered dietician in Southern Manitoba in 11 different institutions.  She has worked at Ginew Wellness Center for 16 years doing nutritional counselling and diabetes education and 9 years ago was certified as a diabetes educator.  Kim believes health is more than just medical knowledge and tries to help people with the practical application of nutrition in their lives.

Water Quality Testing


Aleron Alexander

Water Quality Technician

Aleron Alexander has been employed with the GWC since the fall of 2012. As the CBWM, he ensures the quality of drinking water in the community is up to standards and in good health on a weekly basis.

Foot Care Program

Foot Care Nurse

Lisa Demas

Lisa Demas lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She graduated in 2009 with her Bachelors of Nursing degree from University of Manitoba.  She is passionate about learning all she can about diabetes care.  She received her nursing foot care diploma in November 2016.  Her span of nursing career has been within First Nations communities.  Lisa has been at the Ginew Wellness Center since February 2018 and provides foot care services to Roseau River First Nation community members.

Medical Transportation Services


Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative

Henry Hayden

Medical Transportation Coordinator

Henry has been employed with the Ginew Wellness Centre for 16 years in the Medical Transportation Program.  He was promoted over two years ago to Transportation Coordinator and has found this current position a very difficult but welcoming challenge in his career.  Henry’s main duties as Transportation Coordinator consists of organizing medical trips for band members to several communities in the area including Winnipeg and accommodations to those who require it.  Other duties include working closely with other staff members and medical facilities to assure band members arrive to there required appointments in a safe and timely manner.

Susan Powers


Susan has been employed at the Wellness Centre for 10 years as a full time Medical Driver. Susan is also a part-time cook at the local restaurant Barney's. When she is not working - Susan enjoys spending time with her 2 children and 5 grandchildren. In her spare time she also enjoys reading and solving puzzles. 

Darcy Thomas


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Myra Littlejohn


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Jerome Martin


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Home & Community Care


Home Care

Carmen Stewart

Home Care Nurse Supervisor

Carmen has worked at the Ginew Wellness Center for a total of 10 years, as nurse and coordinator of the home and community care program and In Home Care Program.  Her duties include, but not limited to client assessments, wound care management as a nurse authorizer, assistance with arranging doctor's appointments as well as education on medication uses and administration. Supporting and advocating for clients is important for successful health care management.  Away from work is time for reading, learning, cooking, and gardening.  Greatest Fun is Lunch with family and friends.

Jennifer Shepit

Jennifer has been with the Home Care Program for 16 years and now works as Support Services Supervisor.  Her duties includes managing financial matters for the In Home Care Program and Ginew Seniors Lodge. and Activity Planning for the program.  She loves "treasure hunting", by going to garage sales and thrift stores.  Her passion is spending time with her family. and grandchildren.

Support Services Supervisor

Annette Laroque


Annette Laroque is the chef for the Home and Community Program as well as the Meals on Wheels program.  Her duties include preparing nutritious, health conscious and colourful meals.  She also organizes an "Exercise with Annette" program, which is done daily for clients, elders and any community members who would like to participate.  Annette’s pastimes include BINGO, watching home and garden as well as cooking shows on TV, computer games and researching new recipes and BINGO.  Her newest passion at work is to help develop new activities, while maintaining successful ones.

Stephanie Sennie

Assistant Cook

Stephanie is the Home Care Program’s "Jill of all trades", as her main duties are cook's helper, laundry and delivery of meals on wheels, audits for the kitchen, picking up donated bread from the IGA in Altona, program vehicle maintenance and upkeep, taking some of our elders to get groceries and to do their banking are some of her many duties.  On her days off, Stephanie likes going out to movies with her husband and girls and dining out, especially at The Olive Garden. She also loves, Facebook, Google and playing computer games.


Shirley Hayden

Shirley Hayden is a Health Care Aide and has been employed at the Ginew Wellness Center for the past 17 years. Her role includes but is not limited to conducting home visits with clients, doing safety checks, medication checks, taking vital signs, and assisting with bath and showers.  Shirley frequently works alongside the Home Care Nurse.  Outside of work, Shirley enjoys spending time with her grand kids, taking them to the park, swimming, for ice cream and to Sunday School.

Health Care Aide

In-Home Care


Melanie Henry


Melanie Henry works in the Home and Community Care Program, as head homemaker.  She is responsible for clients who need some homemaking services, whether they reside in the Lodge or in the Community. Her duties include keeping the entire Lodge clean and tidy, assisting with the delivering of meals, laundry pick up and transportation.  For fun, Melanie enjoys shopping, going to garage sales and having meals with friends.